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2019 Quilt Show Chair - Erika Anderson

Each quilt show is bigger and better than the one before!
Please contact Erika

Coming Soon! Quilt Registration Forms
Forms to register your quilt entries will be available beginning in August. These will be located in the Members Only Section under the Forms Tab. Quilt turn in will be the first meeting in October.  As you are finishing your quilts remember to add a sleeve for hanging. Instructions for a quilt sleeve are located in the Bits & Bobs section under the Tips tab.



WSQG Quilt Show Boutique Donations Request: 
Do you want a quick, easy way to participate in the Quilt Show’s success?  Check your Sewing Room.
The Boutique Committee is looking for the following donations:
1.  Small wall hangings (no sleeve required)
2.  Seahawks and Mariners items
3.  Coffee cup wraps (cozies)
4.  Halloween items
5.  Christmas items
6.  "Extra" quilt blocks or samples
7.  UFO's
8.  Notions:  lace, thimbles, needle packs, thread, pin cushions, do-dads
9.  Usable Scraps:  For "grab and Go" zip lock bags   :Not larger than 5" squares or triangles, etc; strips. Not Larger than 1-inch width
10.  22-inch zippers for Lazy Girl Lanyards
11.  rulers
12.  books and magazines
 You may bring your donation items to any meeting and give them to Kathy Goodin.  
 Contact the Boutique Committee: Kathy Goodin, Tammy Schultz, Doreen Nelson, and Julie McCusker with any questions

The Journey starts now!

It’s a Small Quilt Silent Auction Raffle!

For the 2019 Quilt Show, we'll be doing a fundraiser during the days of the show. It's a combination of a silent auction that you're all probably familiar with, but also a raffle. We will need everyone's help in making this successful!

We need each of you to dig into your stash, find a UFO, create something new and amazing, or get together with your friends, and create a masterpiece to be placed up for bid. For all options, the quilts must be finished (pieced or appliqued or both, quilted, bound, and have a sleeve if it's intended to be a wall hanging). The only other rule is that if falls into one of the below size ranges:

Table Runner 12-18" x 40-72" Lap Quilt 52" - 68"
Square Table Topper 36" x 36" Crib Quilt 36" - 52"
Wall Hanging - square or rectangle, must have sleeve 

In all cases, no quilt should be bigger than the lap or crib size quilt outlined above.

When you have your beautiful creation completed, please bring it to the quilt show committee at one of our meetings, but the absolute final deadline to hand in your quilt (you knew there would be one) is August 31, 2019. All will be accepted. Questions please contact Betty Markee

A QUILTER’S JOURNEY – A Journey of Healing

Many years ago, I belonged to a quilt guild in Germany made up of military spouses and a few local German quilters. A very close friend of mine in that group, who later served a year as guild president, developed cervical cancer. Over the years of her long journey of treatment including a move back to the United States, many of us also scattered across the United States as we were restationed. But we all remained close, and we shared one person in our hearts who we cared for deeply. We felt compelled to do something (as quilters do). 

Nashville, TN was the place! We gathered for the quilt show, and stayed at the same hotel. Before we arrived, we made personal blocks that had our appliqued hand print outline, which we embellished to show our love and caring for this individual. Then, during the shows down time, we sat together in the lobby of the hotel and stitched them all together, sandwiched the top and bottom, quilted, and bound that quilt. What a special time!

A few of us were able to then meet up in Mississippi, and drive to Florida to hand deliver that quilt to our dear friend. 

To me, this story was a journey of healing. It’s one small journey that involved many people coming together and healing through our craft and sharing of our hearts.

What quilt can you share that tells a story or journey? Do you have a quilt that commemorates a cross country journey? Do you have a quilt that reflects one person’s life journey, maybe with photos or mementos?
Do you still have your very first quilt? How has your journey of skill building, and experience changed your impression of what you thought quilting would mean to you in your lifetime?

Be thinking of quilts for the show you’d like to hang that would illustrate your quilter’s journey, whether it’s a journey of healing, a journey of someone’s life, or just a journey through learning a new skill.

If you’d like to share, I'd like to begin collecting stories to publish on the web-site. We’ll be creating a space dedicated to the show where we’ll be posting updates, calls for volunteers, important dates, and special stories of members’ journeys in quilting.

Please send your story to me (include a picture if you’d like), Erika Anderson. Put “A Quilter’s Journey” in the subject line of your email, and we’ll post them on the web-site as we get closer and closer to what promises to be a terrific quilt show.

See above for the list of volunteers needed for tasks that to be done in the next year, including creating some small quilts for our raffle quilts activity. If you already know you’d like to help, please let me know!! 

I’m so happy to be meeting everyone and working on this show.