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Maggie's Baggies
UPDATE (4/19/2021): 
Heavenly Quilts and Fabrics is NOT accepting fabrics to 
be recycled. When they are accepting again, we will post with an update.


As part of our commitment to sustainability and using every piece of fabric/fiber, we have partnered with Heavenly Quilts and Fabric Redeemed in Onalaska Washington
(Heavenly Quilts and Fabrics Redeemed, 266 Carlisle Avenue, Onalaska, Washington, 98570)
to recycle all of our fabric scraps too small to use in any project. We collect the fabric scraps, old clothes, any fabric/fiber including lint from your dryer at any Community Outreach sew-ins (usually the third Wednesday of each month except December) and sew-days (Friday and Saturday scheduled on the calendar several times a year) from September 1 through the first week in June.


To prepare your fiber please remove any buttons, zippers or any non-fiber from the items, any stray trash, food, or empty spools and place them in a large plastic garbage bag before delivering them to Community Outreach event.


In addition to keeping fiber out of the landfill, the fiber scraps are recycled with the fabric recycler and the proceeds go to the Buckley Enumclaw Clothing Bank who buys bras, underwear and socks to distribute to their clients.   In 2019 we recycled 610 pounds of fiber which effectively keeps over 1200 yards of cloth out of the landfill and increase the ability of this charitable organization to meet their community service goals.