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Welcome to Washington Stars Quilt Guild

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  On March 30, 2020, KIRO 7 news aired a segment featuring the Washington Stars Quilt Guild members making Face Mask Covers for our local First Responders. Since then we have been flooded with requests for assistance in areas outside of our local community. We would love to fulfill each and every request, however this is just not possible. We are sewing just as fast as we can to keep up with demand in our own community.
If your group/guild wishes to be added to this contact list, please respond with Guild/Group Name, Location, and email contact information to . The mask covers your guild creates will stay in your community.
Washington Mask Challenge

The Lt. Governor’s office has partnered with the United Ways of the Pacific Northwest and Serve Washington to organize a statewide homemade mask-making initiative to encourage the general public to make, wear, and donate cloth masks.
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