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Washington Stars Quilt Guild
Face Mask Covers
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I/my family purchase your facemasks?
   Thank you for your interest in our masks. At this time WSQG is not selling masks for personal use. We are extremely busy supplying our local First Responders. Please see Face Mask Pattern on the previous page. They are very easy to make! 
Where did this pattern come from?
    One of our guild members, in conjunction with a medical professional and the Police Department, adjusted a free pattern found online at Craft Passion. They collaborated on the size, design and fit. You are welcome to print the pattern and use it.
Is the printed pattern true to size?
   After printing the pattern on your printer, check the box labeled '1 inch'. If this does not measure one inch, please adjust your printer settings up or down as needed.
What size are these mask covers?
    These mask covers were designed to fit over N95 masks, to help keep them clean and reusable as long as possible.
I'm having trouble finding hair ties or 1/4" elastic. What can I use instead?
    Both are in short supply. You can make ties with fabric or bias tape instead. See instructions on the pattern.
 What kind of fabric is used?
   We have been using 100% cotton quilting fabrics with a tight weave.
If you have additional questions,