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Ways to Participate
in Washington Stars Quilt Guild's
Community Outreach

Joining in to help with our guild community outreach sewing projects is as easy as attending our monthly sewing day. We sew on the third Wednesday of the month and normally meet at Gull Harbor Lutheran Church in Olympia. (Check the Calendar for latest information).
Membership in the guild is not necessary to attend this sewing day, so please drop by and see what we're all about.

  Becoming a guild member will give you other opportunities to sew charitably, such as: other scheduled sewing days, access to kits to sew at home, friendly "bees" where smaller groups get together for dedicated sewing, and the availability of quality fabric and batting to use for finished items for donation.
  The process we use for outreach projects has been fine-tuned for ease of access and to accommodate the energy level and available time for any quilter. We accept donated fabric from many sources, then sort and store it. This fabric may pass through many hands and several processes to emerge as finished items that are dispersed through a large number of local agencies. Our list of recipients include at-risk youth, sheltered adults, preemies, survivors of trauma, our local food bank, and feeding programs for house-bound elders and the disabled.
Our active sewing day may see a crew cutting fabric into components to make quilt kits. Another group will be measuring and cutting batting or backers, and another joining binding strips to place in the kits. Members may be sewing blocks together to be bagged with batting and a backer for quilting. A quilt kit will contain quilt instructions, accurately cut components, batting, and a backer. The kits are signed out at meetings and on sew days. The member can then decide if they will sew only the top, assemble the top and quilt it, and/or bind it. At any step they can opt to return the kit so another person can do the next steps. This collaborative process has worked well, resulting in a steady stream of hand-crafted fabric items donated every month  

   We try to be a "use every piece-no waste" group. Off-cuts are made into standard-sized pieces that are used in many patterns. Fabric pieces too small for string-piecing are bagged, along with snippets, and threads. Accumulated fibers are taken to a quilt shop in Onalaska WA to be recycled to benefit a local charity (See Maggie's Baggies for details). It's a gratifying process to see donated material at the start, emerging as a beautiful finished item, and all "leftovers" sent on to another use.