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Washington Stars Quilt Guild Membership - 2024

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ annual dues online $41.31 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We would love to have your quilts in Arts Walk or any of our other shows. We will be careful with your items (quilts, table runners, wall hangings, challenges, etc.), but we will not be held responsible for fire, theft, or damage, etc. There are occasions in which your image and/or images of your quilts may be used by the guild in the ordinary course of business. By becoming a member, you are agreeing to this use unless specifically directing the guild in writing not to use the image. We appreciate all donations (quilts, fabric, etc.) to the guild. All donations become the property of WSQG upon receipt, to be used to be highest and best use to the guild. Items may be used for Community Outreach, the store, or any other function to best serve the guild.