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  Thank you for your interest in creating NICU Isolette Covers to donate to Providence St. Peter Hospital in Olympia, Washington.
The Washington Stars Quilt Guild accepts these all year long.
Bring your creations to the next guild meeting, the Charity Committee will take them to the Hospital when they have about 20 ready.


Isolette Covers are used to shade the eyes of the tiny babies from the bright hospital lights during their stay.
When the preemies are ready to go home, the covers are sent with them to use.

  Please use the following guidelines when making your donation gift.
1. Use good quality 100% cotton (NO: flannels, sparkles, white on white (painted) or anything else that might flake off during use).
2. For the larger piece cut 27" x 37"
3. For the smaller piece cut 22" x 32"
4. No Batting - Please!
5. This is the size requested by hospital staff.

Click Here for a Tutorial from the Missouri Quilt Co. about assembling a Self Binding Baby Quilt (isolette)