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Washington Stars Quilt Guild

Charity Sew In
March 15 - 16
Gull Harbor Lutheran Church

All of the wonderful things that were accomplished during this Sew-in.

47 hand knitted baby hats

8  knitted baby blankets

2 baby quilts binding sewed on

12 double baby receiving blankets cut

14 double baby receiving blankets completed

35 quilt kits cut

16 quilt tops completed

1 quilt back put together

28 placemats completed

72 bag kits cut

18 bags completed

6 quilts completed

33 premy blankets cut

For Maggie:  18 gabage bags-fiber recycling

                      27 pounds-fabric for charity

                        5 pounds-personal care items

 Thank you to everyone who came to work on all these projects and more.