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2017 Starry Starry Night Challenge Quilts
There were very few rules for this challenge.

1. Starry Starry Night theme is up to your interpretation.
2. The quilts are to be a Panorama measuring 15 inches across and 8 inches tall. Your panorama can be sections of connecting pictures instead of being one wide view. It can be a complete survey or presentation of a subject or sequence of events. It is a panorama of an art scene.
3. The challenge is NOT to use the color BLACK.
4. As usual, the quilts can be made using any technique or style using fabric, paper, metal, or the like.
5. Submissions must be sandwiched together by some form or another.
6. You may embellish to reflect your design using beads, buttons, ribbon, thread painting or more.
7. You may make as many quilts as you want to design. 

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