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Washington Stars Quilt Guild
Fabric Exchange

The Fabric Exchange is on hiatus for 2017
If you wish to see it return in 2018, consider volunteering for the Fabric Exchange Committee.


  • Use three different quilt shop quality fabrics
  • Fabric should fit the theme of the month’s selection (e.g., solids, batik, red, stripes, etc.)
  • Do not pre-wash
  • Width of Fabric (WOF) should be a minimum of 40”
  • Cut 2 ½ inch strips from each fabric
  • Fold one strip from each of the 3 fabrics together in a small bundle
  • Label each small bundle with your name (address labels work great)
  • Put the designated number of bundles in a large (one gallon) ziplock bag
  • The final number of participants will be set at the end of the Business Meeting
  • The number of participants will be posted on the website
  • Put your name on the outside of the large ziplock bag
  • Bring your large bag of strips to the next Business Meeting
  • Give your strips to the Fabric Exchange Coordinator
  • Try to arrive no later than 6:30 PM
  • If you can’t attend the meeting, send your strips with another Guild member
  • Fabric Exchange Coordinator will do the exchange and put small bundles from the other participants in your bag
  • Participants will pick up their large ziplock bags at the end of the meeting
  • Be sure to designate another Guild member to pick up your large bag of strips if you were unable to attend the meeting