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Washington Stars Quilt Guild Swap
(updated 20180212)

March 2018 Swap
The WSQG March Swap theme is "Make a Mug Rug."  You can choose whatever motif you like, but remember that it's for sharing.  Better yet, make two! One for yourself and one to swap!  Then you'll know someone else will love it!  We are shooting for a size that's bigger than a coaster and smaller than a breadbox.  Make sure there's room for both a mug (or wine glass, or double-old-fashioned) AND a cookie (or chocolate bar)!
Here are some ideas to get you started.  If you feel like you need a pattern to make a mug rug, you are overthinking the project!

February SWAP Mission Continues:
We had a fine start to the new swap format in February!  Recipients are now challenged to create a small quilt using at least one of the fabrics received in the swap.  Something in the 12-by-12-inch range is perfect (e.g., 6-by-6 to 18-by-18 are all good), but if you're motivated to go big, then by all means do so.  Bring your completed project to show and tell! 

Swap basics:
1. This is a brown-bag, bring-one-get-one swap.
2. Our swap for March 6 is a mug rug.
3. The donor needs to love the project they are swapping!
4. Bring your swap to the March 6 meeting in a brown paper bag. 
5. You can decorate the exterior of the bag, but your bag must not be identifiable as coming from you.
(i.e. You might want some discrete way to identify your bag so you don't get yours back.)
6. Drop off your brown swap bag at the designated table at the March 6 business meeting and pick up your swap on the way out after the meeting!

WSQG Swap Goals & Objectives

The goals of the WSQG Swap are to 1) exchange fabrics, project ideas, etc. and thus be inspired to keep sewing; and 2) encourage participants to help set objectives and the direction for the Swap activity.

Some possible objectives include: a) meet other WSQG members and learn about them; b) have a social activity to participate in that doesn’t involve additional meetings; and possibly c) have fun sewing and sharing smaller (i.e. faster) projects.

However, we won't be tackling all these objectives at first.


Possible Swap Themes
Swap UFOs (finished or unfinished?)
Swap mug rugs or potholders
Swap charm squares (5-inch squares) or bricks (5-inch by 10-inch pieces) or ?
Swap stitched name tag holders
Secret buddy gift swap
[send your suggestions to]


Contact Teresa Scott for swap details.

The Bring-One-Get-One Swap is also known as the "Brown Bag Swap," and it's easy peasy!

Brown-Bag Swap Guidelines

  • Collect your fabrics or project according to the Swap theme.
  • Place the designated fabrics or item in a plain brown paper bag.  "Plain" means the donor can't be readily identified by the markings on the bag.  (See more, below)
  • There should be NO Donor-Identity MARKINGS on the bag: Do not put your name or initials on the bag.
  • You can put a sticker or symbol identifier known only to you on the bag. The sticker or symbol prevents you from picking up your own bag.  Don't tell other Swap participants which bag is yours.  Store logos are OK as long as they can't be traced to you individually.
  • Fasten, tape, staple, or otherwise fix the bag closed (no peaking!)
  • Bring the bag with the fabric in it to the designated WSQG meeting.
  • Drop off your bag with the Swap Coordinator on your way into the meeting room.
  • Pick up a bag on your way out of the meeting.
Yep, it's that simple.

General Swap Guidelines

  • Swap quilt-shop-quality fabrics unless the swap calls for something different
  • Fabric or project should fit the designated theme
  • Width of Fabric (if applicable) should be a minimum of 40”

Guidelines for future Swaps involving bundles:

  • Label each small bundle with your name (address labels work great)
  • You would be notified about the number of bundles to assemble
  • Put the designated number of bundles in a large (one gallon) ziplock bag
  • Put your name on the outside of the large ziplock bag
  • Bring your large bag of bundles to the designated meeting and leave them with the Swap Coordinator
  • If you can’t attend the meeting, send your strips with another Guild member
  • Magic will occur, and your bag will include one of each of the swap bundles
  • Participants will pick up their large ziplock bags at the end of the meeting
  • Be sure to designate another Guild member to pick up your large bag if you were unable to attend the meeting

Contact Swap Coordinator Teresa Scott with questions and suggestions for the Swap activity, or for details about the current Swap.